What are the guiding principles of the Union Health & Wellness Center?

Care where and when you need it

When you get sick, you want health care that's convenient. Our health center is available to give you prompt, quality care. You'll see a provider within minutes of arrival. We treat everything from a sore throat to a sprained ankle.

Quality care you can trust

You'll receive quality care from our board-certified providers. We guarantee your confidentiality, regardless of whether we are your primary care team or coordinating care with your existing providers. At all times, federal law and company policy ensure your medical records remain private.

Advanced health care technology

You can schedule your appointments online, securely message with your care team and view a portion of your medical records on-line.

We focus on total health

We're all about your health. We focus on prevention and wellness so that you can get and stay healthy. Together, we will make sure you have the proper tools and information to take care of yourself. To further ensure your quality care, we will:

  • Coordinate treatment outside the health center when needed
  • Refer you to a provider in the company´┐Żs insurance program when appropriate
  • Transfer records to and communicate with referred physicians

About Us

Union Health and Wellness Center provides Operating Engineers Local 101 members and their families patient-centered, integrative quality care in a nurturing environment.

Our care team continues fulfilling its vision of transforming the healthcare delivery process and experience through personalization and technology. As a member of the Medical Home, you will develop a mindful clinician-patient partnership built around trust, respect, and shared decision making. Your care team will coordinate care for both wellness and illness, a whole person care approach.